West Valley Voices

Teachers and students,
more jobs are priorities

July 23, 2010

By Kimberly Yee

Now is the time to elect a leader you can trust — someone who will uphold ethical principles and serve you with sincerity, honor and integrity at the Arizona Legislature.

I was born and raised in District 10 and previously served as the Republican Committee chairman of my district. I bring to this position real Capitol experience, having served as staff member to the Senate Education Committee, the state Treasurer's Office and two Republican governors.

If elected, I will strive to balance the state budget and be a responsible steward of your hard-earned tax dollars. Working families should not continue to be burdened with tax increases. Leaders must search every corner of our bureaucracy to eliminate waste. It's time for government spending to go on a diet. I will be that leader.

Education must be a top priority. It is unacceptable that our teachers are shopping garage sales to buy extra supplies for their classrooms. We must pay our teachers the salaries they deserve and ensure that our students receive the tools they need for an exceptional education.

As a small-business owner, I understand the importance of revitalizing our economy by creating a business-friendly environment that attracts new business owners and the creation of jobs. We must encourage entrepreneurship and workforce development in order to restore a robust economy here in Arizona.

I will not waver on my positions favoring pro-life and family values, protecting border security, recognizing veterans, respecting Second Amendment rights and preserving the freedoms and liberties that make our state and country great.