Thank You!

"On to Victory in November!"

Last week, over 15,000 voters from Legislative District 20 cast their votes for Kimberly Yee in the Republican primary election. This ensured Senator Yee's status as the Republican nominee in the November election. Kimberly is now facing opposition by both a Democrat and an Independent in the general election.

"I am so thankful for all the support I have received from the voters of Legislative District 20," Yee stated. "The residents of my district want to grow our economy, better educate our workforce and improve our public schools. I agree with them. These are the goals that we need to accomplish to make Arizona stronger. I take every election very seriously and work extremely hard to earn the support and trust of every new and returning voter of my district. I am very fortunate to have an opportunity to serve the very community where I was born and raised, and where I have chosen to raise my family."

"This general election in District 20 is an important one because there are significant differences between each of the candidates on the ballot. I hope to stand out as YOUR candidate on the ballot because I will continue to fight for defending our freedoms and protecting our free market principles. I have been blessed to achieve the American Dream because I believe in personal responsibility and the opportunity for everyone to succeed. I will not be taking any vote for granted and will be campaigning on a message of growing our economy, improving education, keeping our neighborhoods safe and our families strong. If you can support my campaign in any way, through your financial donations or volunteer hours, I would greatly appreciate it. We must accomplish these goals together."

"Now, on to victory in November!"


Kimberly Yee is a state senator from Legislative District 20 and serves as the Chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee. She was recently named a "Rising Star" by the Republican National Committee. Before serving in the Senate, she served in the Arizona House of Representatives. Kimberly Yee was born and raised in the district, which gives her a unique perspective at the State Legislature. As a wife, mother and small business owner, she is a strong advocate for creating more jobs, improving education, keeping our neighborhoods safe and preserving family values. In addition to former Senator Jon Kyl, Senator Yee has been endorsed by Congressman Trent Franks, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, former U.S. Congressman John Shadegg and national radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt.

Donations may be made to Kimberly Yee for Arizona by credit card by going to Senator Yee's website or you may write a check to Kimberly Yee for Arizona and send to P.O. BOX 83561 Phoenix, Arizona 85071.